Monthly Archives: June 2010

Spinning its Wheels at the Summit: Canada Commits $400 Million for Climate Change

Please welcome our summer student Georgia to the Zizzo Allan Climate Law LLP blog. Below is Georgia’s first post on Canada’s climate commitments during the G8 and the ensuing G20 developments: On June 23, in advance of the G8 and G20 Summits, the Honourable Jim Prentice, Canadian Minister of the Environment, announced that Cabinet had approved funding of $400 million ... Read More »

Water and Climate Change

Most of the world will feel the effects of climate change through the medium of water. We all need it to live. It is also a necessary component of food and consumer products. Too much or too little of it in one place is devastating. Climate change policy focuses on two main issues: mitigation (avoiding the worst climate affects by ... Read More »

Our Common Future 2.0 – A great summit discussing ideas on how to reconcile the environment and the economy

Corporate Knights is hosting what looks like a fantastic summit on June 21st. Here is some information – we hope to see you there! Our Common Future 2.0 In advance of the G-20 meeting in Toronto, Corporate Knights and the International Institute for Sustainable Development will host this June 21 summit in honour of the accomplishments of Jim MacNeill, principal ... Read More »

A history of denial: Tobacco, Missile Defence, Acid Rain, Ozone, Climate

An interesting article on the history of science denial funded to sow uncertainty around important scientific debates in the US by Naomi Oreskes and Erik m. Conway. Here’s a quote: “In researching a book on global warming deniers, we often felt demoralized by the efficacy of doubt-mongering tactics and depressed that the American public had been repeatedly fooled by the same ... Read More »

The Legal Climate – Green Bonds

Our 2nd installment of the Legal Climate Blog, posted on Corporate Knights Website discusses Green Bonds. The Legal Climate: Green Bonds Numerous financial tools have been proposed to help de-carbonize the global economy. Cap and trade, the carbon tax, and subsidized technology upgrades are the best known, but another idea, the “Green Bond”, has recently received a lot of attention ... Read More »