Monthly Archives: October 2010

Canadians Securities Administrators Release Environmental Reporting Guidance: Says Public Companies Must Disclose Climate Risks

The Canadian Securities Administrators’ Environmental Reporting Guidance was released today through CSA Staff Notice 51-333. Companies subject to the Canadian Securities Regulators, including the Ontario Security Commission’s (OSC) disclosure rules now have definitive guidance on, and must disclose material climate risks, including those related to potential carbon regulation and pricing and physical effects of climate change, such as changing weather patterns ... Read More »

CNBC Energy Opportunities Debate

Laura Zizzo was honoured to be part of the CNBC Energy Opportunities Debate help in Montreal last month. The debate brought together leaders in the field to discuss carbon reducing policies. The panelists debated the way forward and discussed risks and opportunities associated with climate and carbon policy. The debate has been posted online. Laura’s comments on Copenhagen begin at ... Read More »

Ontario Closes Four Coal Power Units

Today’s permanent closure of four coal-fired electricity generation units marks a milestone in Ontario’s move towards a cleaner and greener electricity system. Coal is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. The Ontario government has pledged to phase out all coal fire generation in the province by 2014. Today two of eight units at Nanticoke and two of four ... Read More »