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Canada and Ontario set mid-term GHG Reduction Targets


Federal Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced today that Canada will cut its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030. This would reduce total emissions to approximately 524 megatons CO2-equivalent, representing a 27.8% reduction below 2013 emissions levels and a 14.5% reduction below 1990 emissions levels. In comparison to Canada’s 2030 target, Ontario’s recently-announced 2030 emissions target of 37% below 1990 levels is ... Read More »

Canada Makes Headway on National Energy Strategy

Canadian Provincial Flags

Canadian premiers have agreed to the development of a National Energy Strategy.[1]  This came at the end of last week’s three-day Council of the Federal Premiers Conference.  A set of guiding principles for the strategy – endorsed by every province – was released following the 55th annual Conference, hosted by P.E.I.’s Robert Ghiz in Charlottetown this year.[2]  The strategic outline ... Read More »

Severe Weather Driving Insurance Industry to Raise Premiums

the 5th day

On January 20, 2014, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (“IBC”), the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, car and business insurers, declared that 2013 resulted in $3.2 billion of severe weather insured loss, the highest in Canadian history.  With the expected rise of severe weather in Canada in the future, insurance providers will need to adapt to climate change ... Read More »

Some Elected Officials Still Pushing for Climate Action


On April 25th, NDP environment critic Megan Leslie tabled a motion to bring attention to the lack of comprehensive action to mitigate climate change federally and to underscore concern regarding the severe impacts that will occur unless there is swift and definitive action. The motion reflects the conclusion of scientists that a 2 degree rise in global average temperatures above ... Read More »

Environment Canada: tips for Environment Minister Peter Kent to describe climate change impacts

A memo and powerpoint presentation sent to Canadian environment minister Peter Kent from Environment Canada dated March 5, 2012 contain a very interesting summary of climate change impacts in Canada. The memo states “In external discussions and speeches regarding the government of Canada’s action on climate change, it may be useful to present concrete examples of climate-change impacts occurring in ... Read More »

Pursuing a “Global Solution” – Canada’s Response to Climate Change on the International Stage

Article by Jessica Vaianisi, Summer Law Student   Canada’s action on climate change, both domestically and internationally, has been largely criticized. Despite its formal withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol in 2011, Canada has stated that it recognizes that “climate change is a global challenge requiring a global solution.”[1] However, Canada’s presence in recent international conferences has attempted to reiterate their ... Read More »

Federal Court rules Federal Government Was Allowed to Pull Out of Kyoto


In a decision released on July 17, 2012, Federal Court Justice Simon Noël held that the Federal Government’s decision to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol was not in violation of the rule of law, the principle of the separation of powers or the democratic principle. Justice Noël focused mainly on his holding that withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol did not violate the Kyoto Protocol Implementation ... Read More »

An Update On Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction in Canada


By Meghan Babin, Zizzo Allan Climate Law Summer Intern According to a recent study published in the journal Nature, Earth may be on the brink of an ecological tipping point, due in large part to the destruction of natural ecosystems, climate change and population growth.[1] Released just weeks shy of the United Nations Rio+20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, ... Read More »

NRTEE Sends Climate Reality Check to Government: We’re Off Target

In its recent budget, the federal government announced that the National Round Table on the Environment and Economy (NRTEE) would be eliminated as of March 31, 2013. In spite of this unfortunate news, the NRTEE is continuing to provide independent and non-partisan advice on sustainable development issues, with its most recent report entitled Reality Check: The State of Climate Progress ... Read More »

Federal Budget: Environment and Climate get Short Changed.

The Federal Budget,  released on March 29, has a number of problematic environmental and climate related impacts.  The budget streamlines the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, eliminates the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) and gives the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) more power to scrutinize “green” charities. It generally provides insignificant “green” funding. The budget aims to ... Read More »